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Marriage Counseling & Betrayal Trauma Recovery

IntimateMatters, LLC, in Sugar Hill, Georgia, is proud to offer comprehensive marriage counseling and betrayal trauma recovery services to couples in need. Our experienced and compassionate counselor, Lorraine, brings her expertise and understanding to help couples communicate better, resolve conflicts, heal emotional wounds, create a stronger foundation for their relationship, and rebuild trust where it has been shattered. Marriage 2.0 is possible.

Our sessions, available both in-office and online by appointment only, provide a safe and supportive environment for couples to address the challenges they face. We understand that each couple's journey is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet their specific needs.

What sets our marriage counseling and betrayal trauma recovery service apart is our deep understanding of the complex dynamics involved in healing from betrayal. Lorraine's years of experience and specialized training enable her to guide couples through the APSATS and ERCEM models of betrayal trauma recovery that are characterized by Three Phases of Recovery:


  • Safety and Stabilization (Finding HOPE)
  • Addressing longstanding Issues and processing difficult emotions (Growing to a place of WHOLENESS)
  • Choosing Post Traumatic Growth to move into a healthier future together in Marriage 2.0 (ultimate JOY).

Our service is essential for couples who have experienced infidelity or betrayal from problematic sexual behaviors. These incidents can cause immense pain, erode trust, and disrupt the very foundation of the relationship. Through our counseling sessions, couples gain valuable insights, learn effective communication strategies to build connection, and develop tools to navigate the healing process. We believe that with commitment and professional guidance, couples can make changes, and ultimately identify their strength as a couple, find purpose, and create a vision for rebuilding their relationship in order to leave a legacy in the coupleship that they desire.  

Make an appointment for a free consultation with Lorraine now to start the process of healing. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and explore how our Marriage Counseling and Betrayal Trauma Recovery service can help you and your partner. Don't let betrayal define your relationship; let us guide you towards a brighter future together.

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