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Women's Group

This Service is Currently Unavailable

IntimateMatters, LLC, in Sugar Hill, Georgia, is committed to supporting women who have experienced betrayal through their partner's or parent's porn or sex addiction, affairs, or narcissism. While our women's group is currently unavailable, we understand the importance of providing a therapeutic and supportive space for women who have faced such challenges.

Led by our APSATS-trained professional, this group offers a unique opportunity for women to connect, share experiences, and heal in a safe and understanding environment. It provides a sense of community and solidarity, allowing women to gain insights, receive support, and learn coping strategies from others who have gone through similar situations.

The women's group focuses on addressing the deep emotional wounds caused by betrayal and helping women navigate the complex journey of healing and recovery. It offers a platform for participants to share their stories, express their feelings, and gain valuable perspectives from others who have faced similar challenges.

Through group discussions, therapeutic activities, and guided support, women can find strength, validation, and empowerment. They learn that they are not alone in their experiences and can gain insights and strategies to rebuild their lives and relationships.

Although our women's group is currently unavailable, we encourage you to stay updated on our upcoming sessions by reaching out to us at 678-374-2568. This group can be a powerful resource for women seeking support and understanding in their journey towards healing.

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